Guiding, Growing, and Going 

Guiding, Growing, and Going  

What is a Church Plant?

It is a church that is “planted” in a community to glorify God through guiding people into a personal relationship with Jesus. While some churches sprout up spontaneously, most are intentionally planted. Out Of Love Ministries intends to plant a church in the Northeast Atlanta, GA area near Mercer University.

What is Pre-launch?

Before a church has official members, a leadership team, and is known publicly within a community, it must first be “planted.” The “planting” process is considered to be in the “pre-launch” phase until the decision to start hosting weekly public worship services is made. During the pre-launch phase, special attention is given to getting to know the community in which the church in being planted. Also, special focus is given to gathering a team of people who are interested in joining the church plant.

Can I still Attend?

Anyone and everyone is both welcome and invited to come and attend during the pre-launch phase. In fact, we encouraged you to! During our pre-launch phase, we will be hosting the following initiatives: weekly Bible study on Tuesday from 7pm-8pm, several "Come and See" events designed to inform the community about the vision of Out Of Love Ministries and how they can become connected to what God is doing through the ministry in the community, and representing the love, compassion, and kindness of Jesus through performing acts of kindness (AOK's) that blesses people in practical ways. A healthy church plant waits until it has a critical mass of people before it moves from pre-launch to the public launch phase.

As an attendee, you have no obligation or responsibilities. We simply extend the invitation for you to come and join us for fellowship and Bible study on Tuesdays and to participate in as many A.O.K.'s as you feel led to. Come enjoy the spiritual food, fellowship, and community outreach as we journey towards planting an official church in the city of Chamblee.  

Can I do more to help?

You sure can! You can become an official part of the launch team. You can take on responsibilities, you can serve in various capacities, and use your gifts and talents to help in the pre-launch process. If you'd like to join our launch team or discover more about the vision for Out Of Love Ministries, Pastor Foster would be delighted to speak with you. Please fill out the form below and we will be sure to get in contact with you.